Port – Maureen Pheelan

It’s not often that a piece of prose reflects precisely the richness and energy of a picture it sets out to describe. But Maureen Pheelan has come close to achieving a perfect match for her watercolour “Port”

In reply to the question “What was your inspiration?” She wrote…

“Dublin Port… a busy hub of activity and noise. Laid out is the ‘perfect canvas’. A vast landscape set in a sea of blue-green water, majestically supporting huge cranes and freighters unloading cargo of all shapes and sizes, while massive cruise ships amble on by. Framed and awash with gulls and seawater… What more inspiration could you ask for?”

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  1. Bonnie Parkinson

    Maureen Phelan’s capture of Dublin’s Port is beyond beautiful! It shows both her artistic talent and her creativity. The soft shades hit exactly the right tones for this subject. Amazing work! Bravo!

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