Walter Bernardini commenced his career in Graphic Design as a teenager in Glasgow.

Commencing in Peter Menzies advertising he worked, over the years, for a number of agencies there. During this time he also expressed his more creative artistic talents, painting in oil and watercolour.

He came to Dublin in 1963 but then moved on to London for short period. On his return to Dublin he established the Design Group BB& G. This was a period of significant work demands and as a result art took a back seat. However, fate intervened and one day, he was listening to The Gay Byrne show and the artist, Gerald Davis was the guest. He described a landscape and listeners were invited to paint their impression of the verbal description given by Gerald Davis. Walter’s painting won first prize and this award revitalised his passion for painting.

Walter paints both in oil and watercolour in a representational style but has also successfully explored the world of abstract painting.

His work is exhibited in the Guinness Gallery and the Framework Gallery in Dublin and in the Cherry Lane Gallery in Wicklow.