Having always loved painting, Lilian graduated from DLCAD in the mid 1990s.  Her preferred medium is watercolour as she is attracted by the transparency and fleeting nature of the medium.

While she has specialised in painting birds, vintage farm scenes etc, she is currently painting flower compositions.

Lilian has received a number of awards for her work including ‘O’Sullivan Graphic Award’ and the Equity Bank Award, (CEER) exhibition. She has exhibited at many group shows including the RHA, Mulvany Art Gallery and with the Dublin Painting and Sketching Club, for the past number of years.

She is currently teaching Art programmes to Active Retirement Groups in the north east.

Her work is inspired by painting birds in their natural habitat, which is a challenge, as birds do not pose for too long.  She uses photos, sketches and references to compose her pictures.

Her artistic influences are mainly the English naturalist Gordon Beningfield, renowned for his depictions of rural country life and the bird painter Charles F Tunnicliffe, noted for his ability to portray birds in groups.

T: 08 68849294
E: lilianregan@gmail.com